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Sly & the Family Stone's, There's a Riot Goin' On - Reviewed

Where to Find Vinyl Records

Sly & the Family Stone

There's a Riot Goin' On - Reviewed

From the start this thing is full of wah and round, warm, low end. The sweet soul of Sly and the background girls, the group Little Sister, bring us in with some nice building “ahhs” before we slide right in to that repeated refrain that is so far from the previous message of Dance to the Music.

Feel so good
Inside myself
Don’t wanna move
Feel so good
Don't need to move

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Where To Find Vinyl Records

In The Real World

I recommend starting in the local thrift and Goodwill stores in your area. You'll find anything from a small, moldy box in the corner to large bookshelf's full of records. The price is typically always right in this situation as the clerks have no idea what they have in most cases, and don't care. In my area I stumble upon great albums anywhere from ten cents apiece up to two or three dollars. But be advised to always take that extra few minutes to inspect the albums you purchase from thrift or used stores and make sure that the correct record is inside and that it isn't too damaged to enjoy. That record may have been cheap but do you want to expose your needle to decades of dust, splashed drinks and warped grooves that rival a motor cross track?

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